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Supercharge Your Research Writing with Responsible AI 

The world's first private, reliable & secure copilot for researchers

Your Research, Your Ideas.


Our Responsible AI to Transform it into a Publication-Ready Article

Powered by state-of-the-art private and secure OpenAI API technology, SciWriter is here to help you transform your scientific findings into powerful, polished, and persuasive writing to help you enjoy writing, improve your publications and get back to the science you love. 

Cut your research writing time in half. 


Helping early career researchers break through the blank page.

Saving PI's from endless rewrites.

Our responsible AI writing tool is designed specifically for STEM researchers and scientists. With SciWriter, you'll get a powerful writing assistant that understands your research and can empower you to turn your rough ideas and findings into well-written proposals and publications.

Research Integrity & Personal Privacy is specially designed to provide the maximum amount of support and assistance while adhering to the ethics and writing support guidelines of leading academic institutions and publishers. Your information won't be shared or used to train new models.


Unlock Your Full Potential with SciWriter

Key Features Include:

  • Intelligent Writing Assistance

  • Technical Terminology Support

  • Citation Suggestions

  • Tailored Writing Templates


We’re looking for brave beta testers to pilot our new tool.


SciWriter.AI is looking for scientists in the field of biology to pilot the article writing assistant. 

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