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Say Goodbye to the Blank Page. Forever.

The world's first private & secure writing assistant for researchers & scientists

Your Methods. Your Results.

Our Magic to Transform into a Polished Article Draft.

SciWriter helps early career and non-native English-speaking researchers transform their results into powerful, polished, and persuasive writing.

Our AI-powered structured writing process will empower you to write like a senior professor in half the time, allowing you to get back to the lab and the science you love.  

Cut your research writing time in half. 


Helping early career researchers break through writer's block.

Saving PI's from endless rewrites.

No one is born knowing how to write a strong scientific article and many early career and non-native English speakers struggle for years with academic writing. Imagine if you had a personal science writer available on demand.

With SciWriter.AI all you need to do is answer a series of questions about your research and sit back to watch the draft of your article be written before your eyes!

Research Integrity & Personal Privacy is designed to provide the maximum amount of support and assistance while adhering to the ethics and writing support guidelines of leading academic universities and publishers. Your information won't be shared or used to train new models.


Write Your Article for the Cost of a Pint of Beer

Choose from individual researcher-friendly pricing plans or have your advisor take out a subscription for your entire lab. With SciWriter.AI you no longer need to pay for costly and slow language editing services!


How it works:

1. Answer a series of questions about your research

2. Upload your figures and tables

3. Voila! A draft of your article is written for you.

4. Edit your article and submit to the journal of your choice 

Who is building SciWriter.AI?

SciWriter.AI is built by a team of researchers, publishing professionals and programmers dedicated to helping scientists to write and publish the best research.


SciWriter.AI is looking for scientists in the field of biology to pilot the article writing assistant. 

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