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Thank you.

Thank you for your registering for AI Tool-Up Tuesdays! 


Our mission is to empower you to master new AI skills so you can focus on the critical research work you love that makes a real difference in the world.

I have one favor to ask of you: please help spread the word in all of the academic groups you are a part of.

I have given you a template to copy and paste in the section below. Send me a screenshot of you sharing the course with any academic Whatsapp groups, via email listservs, your research office, or on socials and I will send you exclusive discount codes for tools from the course.


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Avi Staiman

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 AI Tool-Up Tuesdays! 


Join a free training course for researchers and research managers on the major AI research tools that are revolutionizing the way research is being conducted.


The entrepreneurs behind the AI start-ups will train you how to use the tool and answer questions.


In each session, we will cover a different topic (search/discovery, writing/editing, communication/dissemination).


For more information and to register:

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